A new tabletop tournament in

Athens, Greece.

Peiraios 144
Athens, Greece

Warhammer 40,000

* 4 player teams
* 5 Rounds – 2 Days
* 2000 points
* WTC Rules

Flesh and Blood

Details and tickets will be available soon.

Mortem Et Gloriam

* 4 Game – 2 Days
*10000 points maximum (15mm armies)
* Any continent in this period (357 BCE and 100 BCE).
* We will have two groups for the first round. (Greeks vs foreign players)
* Players are requested to bring their own terrain features and accessories. There will be terrain for any players who can’t bring their own.

In addition to the tournament there will be club tournaments and display games for


Flames of War

Age Of Sigmar

Middle Earth

Peiraios 144
Athens, Greece